Texas Soybean Variety Trials

2019 Soybean Variety Trial Entry Forms






Insect Information and Photographs

Threecornered alfalfa hopper

Soybean stem borer Cabbage looper Alfalfa hopper
Southern Corn Rootworm Southern Green Stink Bug Cloudless sulfur
Minute pirate bug Beet armyworm Spider mite
Blister beetle Differential grasshopper Sod webworm
Damsel bug Virgin tiger moth Parasitic flies

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Dr. Ronnie W. Schnell
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, College Station
Email: ronschnell@tamu.edu
Voice: (979) 845-2935


Katrina Horn
Crop Testing Coordinator & Research Associate, College Station
Email: khorn@tamu.edu
Voice: (979) 845-8505