Texas Corn and Sorghum Silage Variety Trials

2024 Silage Variety Trials

2023 Silage Variety Trials

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Insect Information and Pictures

Southern Corn Rootworm

Southern Corn Rootworm Corn Earworm Greenbug/Aphid
Sorghum midge Sugarcane borer Chinch Bug
Sod Webworm Minute Pirate Bug Rice Stink Bug
Indian Meal Moth Cutworm Masked Chafer
June beetle Red Imported Fire Ant Rice Weevil
Green June Beetle Grubworm Cotton Square Borer
Ground Beetle Fleahopper Beet Armyworm
Differential Grasshopper Leaffooted Bug Southern Green Stink Bug

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Dr. Ronnie W. Schnell
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, College Station
Email: ronnie.schnell@ag.tamu.edu
Phone: (979)845-2935

Katrina Horn
Crop Testing Coordinator & Research Associate, College Station
Phone: (979) 845-8505

Jourdan Bell
Sorghum Silage Trial
Email: jourdan.bell@ag.tamu.edu
Phone: (806) 677-5600

Wenwei Xu
Corn Silage Trial
Email: we-xu@tamu.edu
Phone: (806) 746-4015